[Wine] What Windows apps stand in the way of switching to Linux at your shop?

Cláudio Sampaio patola at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 03:43:06 CDT 2005

In two jobs I had, netmeeting 3.0 is the single most important
application that kept the organization from switching.

2005/10/6, Dan Kegel <daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com>:
> http://kegel.com/wine/qa/#app is a list of "must-have"
> Windows applications for various vertical markets
> (at the moment, just k12 schools and churches).
> These are the Windows apps that really keep a school,
> church, or other organization from switching to Linux.
> I'm hoping that this list will help focus Wine QA on
> those key Windows apps, and thereby increase the
> number of groups who can make the jump to Linux.
> If you have any suggestions for the list, please let me know.

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