[Wine] Re: What Windows apps stand in the way of switching to Linux at your shop?

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Thu Oct 6 12:21:03 CDT 2005

Le jeudi 06 octobre 2005 à 19:38 +0300, Dotan Cohen a écrit : 
> There are 3 reasons that I have a KVM with Windows XP on the 'other box':
> 1) There just doesn't seem to be a program that handles IPTC data in
> digital photos well. So I use BrilliantPhoto in XP. I don't care about
> open source in this field- give me a good program and I will pay $30
> for it! BrilliantPhoto would not run for me in wine. But that was half
> a year ago and I have yet to try again. I got the installed to run,
> but could not run the program. If anybody wants to take a crack at it,
> I'd appreciate it.

I confirm that it installs well, but hang without anything in the
console when run.

I filled a bug for you: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3505

> 2) Amarok just doesn't cut it for music managment. And many of my
> mp3's have Hebrew titles, which Amakok refused to display properly
> (This may be because the file names were created on a FAT32 drive
> running windows. I haven't check that yet.). And, sorry, but
> Microsoft's Media Player 10 is probably the best peice of software to
> ever come out of Redmond. So that too is on the 'other box'.

Did you try rhythmbox, it handles unicode names well on my system. And
in some month you can be using Banshee
http://banshee-project.org/index.php/Main_Page which will be better than
anything you have been using imho.

> 3) There are times when i need to run a windows app. Just this week, I
> had to convert some mp3's to AMR format. Try finding a linux program
> to do that!

What application were you using. Might be worth trying if it works on

Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch>
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