[Wine] Bug with letters in newer Wine-versions

theUser BL theuserbl at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 8 10:22:39 CDT 2005

There existing a bug in newer Wine versions.

I use SuSE 9.3 as system.
If I used the Wine-version, which comes with the distribution 
(wine-20050211), then the following window comes at start:

But if I update to wine-20050830 or wine-20050930 then it looks like

It is NOT a font-problem.
I have copied the WinXP fonts in the wine-directory, so it looks like this 
But if I don't do it, only the used fonts and the window is smaller. But it 
have no effect to the text, which is then in wine-20050211 shown and in 
wine-20050830 and wine-20050930 _not_ shown.

The window of the screenshots are from the program
IBasic Stanadard Version 2.02D trail version by Pyxia:

The rest of the program and all the other programs I use, are running 
Only the window at the start of IBasic have this problem.


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