[Wine] Re: epoll_ctl: Operation not permitted

Andrzej Kaczmarczyk akaczmarczyk at visualsystems.com.pl
Fri Oct 7 10:29:43 CDT 2005

> I think it is connected with audio card, so I switched off the audio 
> system in wine (I don't need it anyway), the file isn't growing right now, 
> hopefully the ghost will never return.
Well, it did return :(
The source I believe now is trying to run the console application with wine, 
instead of wineconsole (not that I've ever managed to run wineconsole - I 
was always dumped to the winedbg screen).

The simple solution is to turn off default extension association, and 
manually run all exe files with 'wine program_name.exe'

CUIN Kaczy 

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