[Wine] Simple Sudoku - not minimising/letting me do anything else

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 08:38:34 CDT 2005

On 10/9/05, Phil Reynolds <phil at tinsleyviaduct.com> wrote:
> I have installed Simple Sudoku (http://www.angusj.com/sudoku/index.php)
> but I cannot minimise it, nor go to another screen to do something else.
> If I try, its window gets larger, vertically.
> I am using wine 20050725 (which is what is packaged for my system at
> present), on a Debian system running XFree86, with icewm-gnome.
> Can anyone advise why this program "hogs attention"?
Hi Phil,
   First, enter it into the Wine AppDb so this can get tracked. After
you do that I'll throw in my observations.

   I have a machine with an older version of Wine - 20040505 - because
this runs some audio apps quite well. I quickly tried Simple Sudoku on
it and it seems to run pretty well. I don't know how to play but I can
call the app up, place it behind other windows, get it back again,
enter a few numbers in cells, etc.

   One FRUSTRATING thing about many of these Wine apps is that I
cannot Alt-Tab into theb.

   Also, after Simple Sudoku has been running my fan starts reving up
so Wine is taking lots of CPU:

mark at dragonfly ~ $ top

top - 06:37:46 up 23:11,  3 users,  load average: 0.92, 0.52, 0.25
Tasks:  87 total,   1 running,  86 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
Cpu(s): 99.7% us,  0.0% sy,  0.0% ni,  0.0% id,  0.0% wa,  0.3% hi,  0.0% si
Mem:    498996k total,   488536k used,    10460k free,    93752k buffers
Swap:  1052216k total,      380k used,  1051836k free,   123752k cached

12056 mark      16   0 63348  10m 6044 S 99.3  2.2   2:01.47 wine-pthread
 8325 root      15   0  156m  20m 5876 S  0.3  4.2   4:07.97 X
12008 mark      15   0 30924  13m 8204 S  0.3  2.8   0:01.06 gnome-terminal
    1 root      16   0  1448  500  436 S  0.0  0.1   0:00.10 init

100% going to wine-pthread. NOT GOOD! This is a P4 HT machine. Too
much computing!

- Mark

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