[Wine] Re: What Windows apps stand in the way of switching to Linux at your shop?

Rick Knight rick_knight at rlknight.com
Sun Oct 9 10:43:10 CDT 2005

I've tried to get Turbo Lister to work with wine for some time now. It
seems to be close but...
As far as I can tell, the problem with TL is actually with the database
it uses, Microsoft MDB. If the wine developers could get the Microsoft
Data Access (MDA) tools working (and the BDE maybe? :) I think a lot of
other non-functional apps would just start working.

Rick Knight

Joshua McGee wrote:

>I *do* use Turbo Lister, like it, and am very interested in getting it
>working under Linux.  I most recently tried the 20051005 CVS version
>of Wine.  It appears to install perfectly, it accepts your eBay login
>info, it downloads your account information from eBay, then page
>faults immediately after drawing the main application window.  I've
>submitted a bug report [1] and an App DB entry (hasn't appeared yet).
>I don't believe my bug is a duplicate of 2873, though it is also in
>X11drv code.  I may try looking at it myself, but there's a learning
>curve for me as I haven't done any Wine development yet (though I've
>done extensive Windows development.)  If anyone is interesting in
>tackling this I'd appreciate it.
>Joshua McGee
>[1] http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3496
>On 10/7/05, Dan Kegel <daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com> wrote:
>>On 10/7/05, James E. LaBarre <jamesl at bestweb.net> wrote:
>>>One of the major reasons I haven't migrated my brother's system over to
>>>Linux is the lack of a Linux-usable (which means native or Wine) eBay
>>>offline auction posting tool
>>Have you tested Turbo Lister under Wine lately?
>>It wasn't working in April, I think, but lots has improved since then.
>>Here's where to post test results if you do:
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>wine-users at winehq.org

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