[Wine] Can't get Wine to run

David Cuny dcuny at lanset.com
Sun Oct 9 16:43:07 CDT 2005

Every time I try running Wine, I get the error:

   wine: could not exec /home/david/<RANDOM PATH>/usr/bin/wine-pthread

For example:

   wine: could not exec /home/david/mono-1.1.7/bin//usr/bin/wine-pthread


   wine: could not 
exec /usr/share/apps/superkaramba/scripts//usr/bin/wine-pthread

Removing Wine via apt-get doesn't solve the problem. I suspect that using 
winetools has somehow gotten me into this mess, but I haven't the foggiest 
idea how to get back to a working version.

Any ideas?


-- David Cuny

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