[Wine] Exploring Folders

Craig macLeod craig at nch.com.au
Sun Oct 9 20:00:00 CDT 2005

    my company develops Windows applications and we are trying to get them to work correctly under Wine. We have two outstanding issues

1. Toolbars - the generic icons do not list (ie STD_DELETE). Currently posted under Bugzilla

2. We provide menu links to open a folder using the Win32 API command
   ShellExecute(hwndDlg, NULL, szFolder, NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

(szFolder is the folder path to open)

Under Windows this opens Windows Explorer with the sleected folder open. This allows our uses to open/print the various files in these folders.

Under WIne the above command does nothing. A feedback via Bugzilla informs me that this is because Windows Explorer is not implemented in Wine. 

I have also tried using launching a Linux equivillent (Naultilus on the particular system we are testing on Slackware) but it does not launch, I assume as it is a Linux program not a Win32 program.

Can anyone suggest a simple work around. I know we could create a dialogue and work around that way, but my boxx wants a simple way to preferably use an external application using say ShellExecute.

It there a way to launch a Linux application from a Win32 application running via Wine. If so I could just try running some of the common browsing applications, like Nautilus.
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