[Wine] Not able to use cdrom-drives

Christian Lachner gladiac.lists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 14:46:04 CDT 2005

OK, this is the great deal! A newly generated .wine-config registry
does not have a HKLM/Software/Wine and so there is also not a
HKLM/Software/Wine/drives where the cdrom-drive informations could be
stored. After adding these and doing, what Aneurin already told us, it
works marvellous. Thanks for the great help, this is the great deal i
was searching for ;). We should post a bug-report... those
registry-keys must not be missing...

thank you all.

On 10/11/05, Aneurin Price <wine at shadovald.dyndns.org> wrote:
> Gladiac Spark wrote:
> > hi all
> > i have problems configuring my cdrom-devices with winecfg. when i try
> > to add it as d: with the mountpoint /media/cdrom0 and select to be a
> > cdrom-device, click apply and restart winecfg it is shown as a
> > disk-device. i also tried with different mountpoints and also the
> > device /dev/hdd itselfs but it always ends in the same problem. Also
> > the autoconfiguration thing does not work. It adds my cdrom-drive
> > correctly with the correct mountpoint and selected it to be a
> > cdrom-device but after restart of winecfg or running any other program
> > that uses cdrom-drives the don't show up. did someone also have that
> > problem, i don't get it done alone...
> What version of Wine are you using? The registry branch that stores
> whether a drive is an hd or a cdrom was marked as volatile a while back,
> so it was never saved between invocations of Wine. This caused the
> setting to be lost as soon as winecfg was closed. Try it with a current
> version of Wine, and quite possibly a fresh configuration (ie. a new
> .wine directory).
> Failing that, post what you have in your registry under
> HKLM/Software/Wine/drives (I have a key with name "D:", type "REG_SZ",
> and data "cdrom").
> Hope that helps,
> Aneurin Price

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