[Wine] Target choice

Philippe puttaert.p at planet.nl
Wed Oct 12 15:09:34 CDT 2005

Hello everyone,

Wine is new for me.
I am running a 2005-09-30 version on a Linux Mandrake 10.0
(it was still not Mandriva) (linux-P3-SMB-64GB, LILO refers).
Wine was  seamlessly installed from the RPMs.
I am amazed of the power of the tool.

If a developper reads me, congratulations !!!

But (unfortunatelly yes, there is a "but")
two problems arise:
- one software package refuses to install himself claiming that it cannot 
install on windows NT4; service pack 3 was needed...
I am sure that this package could also be installed,
(the box claims a W98 SE compatibility) but I tried without success
to tell Wine to show istself as W98 SE.  
Proposal:  either a menu to enforce a M$ OS of our choice,
or an option on the command line to enforce this:
"wine  myprogramme.exe"                 ; let the wine program acts as to-day.
"wine  -v W98SE myprogramme.exe" ; enforce a windows 98 SE appearance
Maybe a good idea ?
NB: the programme is from TLC Multimedia, MINDSCAPE and Riverdeep :
"Le club des Trouvetout - Les plantes carnivores" ref LCT754EF-CD1

-  a second problem is a software of which the cdrom is not readable from 
another source than a M$ OS.
The directory simply shows empty.
On a M$ box, however, everything worked fine.
The bottle of ink for me; sorry chaps !
NB: the programme is from Coktel:
"Dis-moi ADI CM2 10-11 ans" version 7.0

Hope this helps a little bit.
If anyone has a tip for me, welcome !

Be sure I continue posting my experience.

Kind regards to all,

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