[Wine] PlanBee

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Oct 17 05:57:45 CDT 2005

SnapafunFrank schreef:
> Having a spot of bother installing this program.
> This is identical when attempting the same as " su "

Attempting to install a Wine-run program as root may be part of your

Wine is not designed to be run as root (can't speak for Crossover, which
may handle this better, but then Crossover Office is only 'guaranteed'
certain applications; I wouldn't want to install an 'unsupported' app as
root using it any more than I would install an app as root under regular

Running 'wine' as root actively messes up your user installation, and
should never be done-- firstly there is no reason to (because Wine is
not designed to run as a root process, there is nothing that root can do
under Wine that a user can't do under Wine; running Wine as root does
not add any functionality), and secondly because it messes up the user's
Wine installation/settings, making Wine unuseable for the user for whom
it *is* designed.

What I would suggest is that you su to root and rm the .wine directory
in /root/, 'cleaning' your Wine installation.

> Using :
> wine-20050830-mdk Mandriva2005LE  2.6.11-6mdk 
> crossover-standard-4.2-1
> Any suggestions anyone ?

You might also consider upgrading Wine to the current version 20050930;
it might well contain fixes and improvements that allow your installer
to run.

Hope this helps,

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