[Wine] Astonia 3 on Wine (mmorpg game)

Karen Almog wrd4wrd at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 11:59:50 CDT 2005

I've installed wine, so i can play an mmorpg game called Astonia 3.
So far, the game loads fine, except for 2 problems:
1) no sound
2) no keyboard input

from everything i've read under wine docs, there should be a file called
config - but i'm sure you know it doesn't exist...
no /tools/wineinstall file either.
i've installed wine from the rpm for fedora, and i can't find any place
where i can configure it.
i've also read a little about winex and have already downloaded its cvs, but
all the docs i could find relate to the install process as part of the
winecfg, according to the popup window, doesn't actually configure wine, and
even if it does, it doesn't have any part that configures input devices.
it's frustrating as hell to try and work through docs that are obviously out
of date....

Anyone knows how i can configure wine then?
Especially regarding the keyboard function.

p.s. - i can live without sound, but without keyboard input, the game is
just no good...
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