[Wine] Astonia 3 on Wine (mmorpg game)

Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Mon Oct 17 16:43:47 CDT 2005

Out of curiosity, does your keyboard input happen to appear in the 
terminal window that you launched the application from?  I have had apps 
in the past where the keyboard input never gets sent to the app, like 
the terminal doesn't want to let go of it. An example (for me) is Jedi 
Knight Jedi Outcast. The workaround (for this game at least) was to 
change the resolution using the game settings. As soon as the game had 
to reinitialize itself it seemed to grab the keyboad back and all was good.

YMMV.... it's a thought, at least.

What version of wine are you running?

wine --version

Randall Walls

Karen Almog wrote:

> p.s. i've noticed that while installing the game i got this error:
> err:menubuilder:InvokeShellLinker failed to fork and exec wineshelllink
> Could that have anything to do with my problem?
> On 10/17/05, *Karen Almog* <wrd4wrd at gmail.com 
> <mailto:wrd4wrd at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I've tried notepad, and it seemed to work fine...
>     On the game, everything seems to work fine BUT the keyboard.
>     I have a microsoft multimedia wireless keyboard - is it possible
>     that i need to somehow install drivers for it?
>     Just to make it clear - on the game i have a chat window, where
>     you basically talk to other players.
>     Also, most of the commands (besides moving) are keyboard control.
>     After the game loads up, everything seems to be working BESIDES
>     the keyboard - meaning: i can move with the mouse, but i can't
>     type or use any of the keyboard controls.
>     Unless i get this thing to work, i might aswell just use my
>     windows, although i'm trying very hard to avoid that.
>     On 10/17/05, *drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com
>     <mailto:drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com>*
>     <drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com
>     <mailto:drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>> winecfg, according to the popup window, doesn't
>> actually configure wine,
>         If you have a recent version of wine (after June 2005
>         I believe) winecfg (or editing the .reg file) is the
>         tool to configure wine.
>> and even if it does, it doesn't have any part that
>> configures input devices.
>         I don't think there is any way of configuring the
>         keyboard so I am not sure what the problem/bug is. Did
>         you try other applications with wine?
>         John
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