[Wine] Problems installing Watchguard Firebox System software in wine (installshield)

Kevin Hanser kevin at mica.net
Mon Oct 17 16:42:57 CDT 2005

Hmmm.. this is strange.  Today, I wanted to use my Watchguard software 
(v7.3) under wine to configure a new firebox.  I went to the software, 
it all ran ok, but when I try to save it says that there's something 
messed up with my installation and I don't have the files required for 
this firebox version.

So, I decided to try to re-install the software and see if I could get 
these "missing parts" installed.  However, now when I try to run the 
Watchguard installer, Wine gives me this message and won't run the 

"An installation support file could not be installed (0x8000ffff)"

I'm confused... why would it run last week, but not today...?  AFAIK, I 
haven't changed anything in my wine installation between then and now...

Any ideas on what this message means and how I can get around it?



Kevin Hanser wrote:

> Holly Bostick wrote:
>> Kevin Hanser schreef:
>>> Well, it turns out that after I upgraded to 20050930, it ran the
>>> setup w/out any native DLL's!!  Awesome!  After install, I had to
>>> copy MFC42.dll from my windoze machine before it would run, but after
>>> that it appears to be running great!
>>> thanx!

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