[Wine] Problem using Quicken 2002, Fedora core 3, various Wine versions

David Johnson johnson_d at cox.net
Wed Oct 19 19:46:36 CDT 2005

We are experiencing an odd problem when using the combination of Quicken
2002, Fedora core 3, and Wine version 20050111 for fedora core 1.

When we open the "Split Transaction Window", the window appears to go
into an event loop.  We are able to eventually break the loop by
clicking on the drop down window menu.  Sometimes it will break out with
the window correctly sized, sometimes it will break out of the loop with
the window shrunk to where it is unusable and it cannot be resized.

I upgraded to 20050524 for fedora core 3, and the program hangs on
launch.  20050524-fc1 behaves identically to the fc3 rpm package.

I reverted to 20050111-fc1 and the program works fine.

How have other people solved this problem?


David Johnson

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