[Wine] path and configuration

Denis denismpa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 08:35:33 CDT 2005

Hello erverybody!

Im with a problem with the configuration of WINE

I changed in the ~/.wine/config the mapping of my c: to

 "Path" = "/home/teste/.wine/fake_windows"

instead of

 "Path" = "/home/teste/.wine/drive_c"

and mounted by smb mount a c drive of a real windows machine with all
prograns that i wanna run

and the windows and system path to

"Windows" = "C:\\WINNT"
"System" = "C:\\WINNT\\system32"

instead of

"Windows" = "C:\\Windows"
"System" = "C:\\Windows\\system"

in agreement of the documentation on winehq I did these modifications
without any instance of wine running, but my wine still loking for the
windows and system path on
c:\\Windows and

so when I run the wine its return these errors:

Warning: the specified Windows directory L"C:\\Windows" is not accessible
Warning: the specified System directory L"C:\\Windows\\System" is not accessible

Some one have any idea of becouse Wine isn't using the new
configuration of windows and system directories that I configured on




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