[Wine] Re: Thanks man

Liam Kurmos quantum_liam at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Oct 26 15:31:21 CDT 2005

Curro Amores wrote:

> thank u very much, i have to try it.
> maybe the problem i had is that i didnt kill all the wine proccesses.
> Apart from configuring in the winecfg app you have to change the 
> values in the config file which is in the dir /etc/wine/ i think.
> How did you use native's one from the command line?

either export the environment WINEDLLOVERRIDES variable (with this format):

export WINEDLLOVERRIDES="thedllyouwant=n,anotherdllyouwant=n, etc"  
(dont specifiy the extension)
wine /the/app.exe

or directly:

wine  WINEDLLOVERRIDES="thedllyouwant=n,anotherdllyouwant=n, etc" 

 man wine

for more info

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