[Wine] Re: 20050930-3 on Debian Sid

David Goodenough david.goodenough at btconnect.com
Thu Oct 27 10:24:35 CDT 2005

David Baron wrote:

> Lists with an X error that prevents it from executing.
> Anybody know anything about this. Upgrading from Sid does not provide for
> a downgrade so am not simply trying it :-)
It is not quite true that you can not downgrade.  I have a little shell 
script that I use in these circumstances.  It reloads an old version from
/var/cache/apt/archives which I keep around until there is a new good 
version.  It reads:-


sudo apt-get -y remove wine libwine
sudo dpkg -i `ls /var/cache/apt/archives/*20050628*`

Of course you must not have done an autoclean (or clean) since the good
version, and you must have configured Apt to keep old versions (which is the
default, but some turn it off).

The only application I run currently under Wine is Lotus Notes (6.5) and
0628 is the last version that seems to run it properly.  I will be 
interested to see if 0.9 runs it properly when that arrives in unstable.


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