[Wine] Re: wine overstepping the mark?

Kevin DeKorte kdekorte at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 19:20:26 CDT 2005

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The running of wine programs is not controlled by the mimetype but by a feature
of the linux kernel.

In /etc/init.d you might find a init script called wine. This script uses the
kernel modules binfmt_misc to tell the linux kernel that when it encounters a
file being executed with a special byte in the header to call it with wine. You
can disable this by disabling the wine init script. If you do this then you will
not be able to type notepad.exe and have it launch wine. You will actually have
to type wine notepad and assuming notepad is in your winepath then it will work.
 Otherwise you'll probably get a file not found error.

Using the binfmt_misc kernel module is 100% optional and is enabled to make
things easier for the normal user. If you don't want it, turn it off.


Dustin Navea wrote:
> that is exactly my point.. lol thanks for saving me the time of writing
> what you just said..
> wino: wine believes it needs to do that for all users, because it thinks
> that all users want to run windows programs..  I understand now that you
> only want to be able to run wine under 1 user, and so therefore it
> shouldnt change system-wide settings, but is there a .exe mimetype on a
> user level?  Last time I checked there wasn't, and so therefore it has
> to do it on the system level, and the only reason that wine needs to
> control the exe's is because there isnt anything else that will run a
> .exe file itself.  Notice i said run..  You can load .exe's into a hex
> editor, and maybe that is what you want to do on your other users, in
> which case I agree, wine should ask if you associate .exe's with wine.
> But most users who are installing wine, are probably going to be doing
> it to run windows programs, and on a system-wide level, not to run
> windows programs on a per-user level, and load them in a hex editor on
> all other users, which is why wine is just taking control, instead of
> asking, to make it a more user-friendly experience.
> Hope that makes sense..
> Dustin

> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>> Thursday, October 27, 2005, 5:04:05 PM, wino at piments.com wrote:
>>> Thanks for the explaination but that's just my point. That is
>>> windows  mentality, but this is not windows.
>>> If I install gimp it does not try to reconfigure my system and take
>>> over  control of any image file types it can handle. That is windows
>>> mentality.
>> I wander what else can you use to open exe files with? And not just
>> open, but
>> run?
>> Vitaliy

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