[Wine] little question on GCC4

Christoph Schmid chris at schlagmichtod.de
Sat Oct 29 04:14:06 CDT 2005

Hiho Mailing-list members, 

i just noticed that wine 0.9 BETA has found its way in debian SID.
Or at least i have it in synaptic.. no matter if its from sid repo or
the winehq.org one.

Well, some versions ago i expierienced a problem in SecuRom-support if
wine is compiled with GCC4.
De facto the SecuRom-support did not work when wine was compiled with
GCC4. using GCC 3.x it worked perfectly. (Tested with WARCRAFT III)

Well, my question is now if anyone took care of this problem and i can
expect it to be fixed in the beta, or if this is still an open issue. 
I know it is quite an event for the devs to have a beta. It took... how
long now? 15 years?
Well... getting wine to final will be a great task, but i think at least
if some parts are that sensitive on something like a GCC version, it
will lead to much trouble, considering the masses of distributions using
different sets and versions of nearly everything. 

So just to avoid such a problem getting lost in the overall rush, i
wanted to point it out here once more.
(perhaps there are other parts of wine suffering the same but no one
notices right now)

have a nice weekend people.


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