[Wine] multi user setup for Windows software

Markus Winhard mw at bingo-ev.de
Mon Oct 31 08:15:33 CST 2005

I would like to set up wine for a terminal server machine. I.e. there 
are several users logged on this machine and running applications 
at the same time.

Most of them are even running the same applications (MS Word and 
a custom windows software that hosts IE6 and several ActiveX controls).

AFAIK I have to install IE6 and Word for every user. If there's an 
update to one of the used components I have to install this update 
for every user again.

That's a bunch of tedious and cost intensive work. So I'd like to 
install software only once for all users (like I can do on a windows 
terminal server).

Is there a way?


Markus Winhard

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