[Wine] Re: MS Visual FoxPro DECLARE command doesnt work

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Oct 31 09:44:53 CST 2005

Markus Winhard wrote:
> I'm a programmer using Microsoft Visual FoxPro for daily work. I'm 
> trying to run a self written program on wine. This program uses several 
> Windows API functions. An example is:
>  DECLARE INTEGER ShellExecute IN z:/usr/lib/wine/shell32.dll.so ;
>  ShellExecute( 0, "open", "notepad.exe", "", "", 1 )
> The DECLARE line itself seems to work but the actual call to 
> ShellExecute() raises an error (DLL file is missing or invalid). As the 
> DLL file is there I think it's looking invalid to VFP. The same happens 
> with any other Win32API function call I tried.

I know nothing about this, so what follows is wild speculation. The 
first thing I notice is that you specified 
"z:/usr/lib/wine/shell32.dll.so". It strikes me that that is unlikely to 
be what you would use under Windows ;)

Perhaps try whatever it is under Windows that you would use? I think 
that Wine should find the builtin version of shell32.dll without you 
specifying an absolute path. Wine does some tricks with DLLs, and I 
would not be surprised if having the ".so" on the end of the filename 
also breaks things.

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