[Wine] Wine Font Problem with VB app in Ubuntu

Walt Ogburn reuben at ugcs.caltech.edu
Thu Sep 1 11:02:29 CDT 2005

Hi Dennis,

Try Wine 20050830.  There was a patch that is likely to fix this.

- Walter

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Dennis Mercier wrote:

> Greetings.
> I have been trying to run a VB6 application in Ubuntu using Wine, but it
> has a significant font issue. Having been successful in RedHat, where
> there was no problem running the Application's fonts in Wine, it is
> puzzling why this is not so in Ubuntu.
> I have followed the support messages (both archived and current) to try
> to correct the problem. I have installed the universe/multiverse
> backports. I have installed the msttcorefonts package. The fonts work
> fine in all applications (browsers, OpenOffice, etc...) except this one.
> I have written and installed a new small VBapp to try to tweak the font
> set. Same result. The only fonts that appear are either too small or too
> large. This must be an issue some one else has manged to solve.
> Currently running with Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog, Wine 0.0.20050725.
> Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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