[Wine] Problems with running QuickPlan 5 by NavBox

Carsten Fuchs CarstenFuchs at T-Online.de
Fri Sep 2 11:26:18 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I'm new to Wine, but have just succeeded in installing it on my Debian 
Sarge system via the deb package mentioned at 

QuickPlan 5 is a flight planning software by http://www.navbox.nl that 
comes on a CD with only two files, the AUTORUN.INF and the Setup.exe. I 
ran the Setup.exe with wine as documented, and the so started 
installation seemed to complete sucessfully, too.

When I now run the installed program, its initial dialog appears that 
asks for the registration number on the first program start.

Unfortunately, the dialog is missing most of the text that is supposed 
to be there. Under MS Windows 2000, I see that multiple fonts are used 
for that dialog text, and it seems that the bulk of the text is using a 
font that is not displayed at all when run under wine.

Even worse, the widgets of the dialog do not function at all: Typing the 
serial number into the specified field gives no visible feedback at all 
(no cursor, no digits, etc.), and clicking either the OK or Cancel 
buttons does not have any effect at all, either!
(That means that I have to kill the app manually each time to quit it.)

The obvious question is of course: what can I do?
Is there any specific problem or issue known that exhibits problems like 
those I mentioned above?  Any place in the wine config that might be 
related that I should re-check?

I'd be very grateful for any help or any pointer to help.
Thank you very much in advance!

(PS: I got a copy of QuickPlan from the manufacturer for the sole 
purpose of testing it with Wine. If it is of any help to provide you 
with the Setup.exe file (it's only 24 MB) large for testing, I'll ask 
them for permission to place it somewhere for download.)

Best regards,

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