[Wine] NOLF2 - Registry key?

Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Fri Sep 2 21:14:24 CDT 2005

Glad to see the work that has progressed so far with wine, especially in 
the area of DirectX implementation.

So, with that in mind I compiled a fresh copy of 20050830 and began 
testing my games. Started with an oldie but a goodie, No One Lives 
Forever 2. Usually I couldn't even get past the opening screen. This 
time, the game attempts to launch, but then a window pops up and says:
"error initializing renderer. DirectX 8.0 must be installed yadda yadda 
The only problem is that there is absolutely nothing in the console to 
indicate what failed. Nothing.  Clicking  OK in the box that pops up 
drops me back at a  prompt. No debug messages or anything.

Is it possible that there needs to be a registry key set to trick the 
game into thinking DirectX 8.0 is installed so that it will at least 
attempt to load the renderer? I have a feeling that it's dying before it 
initializes anything at all, that it is just doing a simple check for 
DirectX and then bailing out when it doesn't find it.

Any advice?

Randall Walls

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