[Wine] IExploder

Łukasz Hejnak sziftgroup at wp.pl
Sun Sep 4 03:56:54 CDT 2005

My name is Łukasz and I'm a webmaster (kind of a AA meeting ;)
So anyway I'm one of those, that don't think:
"Hmm.. I use browser _put_your_favourite_browser_here_ so anybody else 
should use this browser also, or else..."

And I need a test ground to check how the websites work in other 
browsers - one of to unluckuly be IE.. ("IE stands for internet access - 
both ways")

So.. I thought of wine, I tried one version, I got a couple of erros, 
tried fighting them for a moment, but couldn't do it..
So then I tried another 'fresher' version of wine, still with the same 
luck.. and so on.. finishing on the current cvs :]

My question..
Which version of wine, is best to use with the IE, and what extra steps 
to take when installing/working with it?
And no, get a windows, is "NO" answer ;]

The response can be in a form of a link to a, well known by everyone 
except me, page with a step-by-step tutorial, that I haven't found ;]

Another thing I wondered to be possible, when trying to find a solution,
would it be possible to emulate on-line the behavior of other browsers - 
not just the one I'm currently using?
In a form of a web page - select a browser - enter the adress - see how 
it looks :]
Would have to use some advanced java/flash but I think - maybe it would be?
As long as IE and Firefox/Opera fight - it would be a good place for, I 
hope, many webmasters, without extra harware and windows'es :]

Best regards
Łukasz Hejnak

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