[Wine] 20050830 is up but where next

Claude Jones claudedjones at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 18:11:18 CDT 2005

I've just installed 20050830 from source on an FC4 box. I used the suggested 
method in the readme: ./tools/wineinstall
It appears to work - if I type 'notepad' from a bash terminal, notepad opens 
right up - all the instructions say to use 'wine notepad' but I don't need to 
include wine. Just typing 'notepad' starts the program. My question is, where 
next? I've tried a lot of different approaches to progressing from here, 

This will be my third attempt. I've tried an FC3 rpm, installed 20050725 from 
source, and now have installed 20050830 from source. I've abandoned the first 
two efforts for different reasons, but basically revolving around seemingly 
being stuck with only basic functionality and not being able to move forward. 

What I mainly seek to do is run what I thought was a simple program. It's 
called sdlx and I'm trying to run the free 'lite' version. 
http://www.sdl.com/products-downloads-sdlx.htm  (the second item)
It's a custom word processor with dual windows for translators. It also keeps 
track of phrases and larger sections which have been translated once in a 
document, and can stick the translated text in in places where the original 
text repeats itself. So, it's in effect a way for translation companies to 
keep their contract help from double billing for translations of the same 
text. I would think this is not such a big deal in terms of code, but I am 
not really qualified to say since I'm not a programmer. Each time I've tried 
to install this sdlx software I've gotten nowhere. 

Is there some further configuration I should be doing for wine, now that I've 
got basic functions up and running? I've read and re-read the documentation 
but it's conflicting, and out of date in many respects, so any advice from 
someone running anything more than notepad with FC4 would be appreciated. I 
have tried the various methods such as sidenet and the manual instructions at 
Paul's Corner to install IE, but each time it just returns errors, some of 
which I've posted here earlier. 
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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