[Wine] Re: Help, I get this Warning: could not find DOS drive ...

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Tue Sep 6 17:17:38 CDT 2005

Le mardi 06 septembre 2005 à 02:38 +0200, Paolo Santinelli a écrit : 
> Hi All,
> I just installed wine 20050524 on Fedora Core 2 (as root user). After some
> config task, when I type wine (as root user) I get this worning message:
> Warning: could not find DOS drive for current working directory
> '/home/paolo/wine', starting in the Windows directory.
> I tryed to install mirc616.exe, all seem run ok, but still have the
> worning message !!
> Can I have some help?
> Thanks
> Paolo

1) don't ever run wine as root, this is not needed and unsecure and will
give you the kind of problems you are experiencing.
2) delete your wine directory to be sure to get a new clean .wine
directory: rm -rf ~/.wine
3)type wine as normal user, it will recreate the needed directories
4)run wine whatever.exe and it should work


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