[Wine] Re: wine20050830 - can't run anything

Andrzej Kaczmarczyk akaczmarczyk at visualsystems.com.pl
Wed Sep 7 03:19:54 CDT 2005

Make sure the old wine installation is completely removed and that you
successfully install the new wine version.  When you ran ./configure,
did you specify a prefix?  If so, what was it?  Also, post the output
of 'whereis wine'.

Thank you, that worked I have removed wine and reinstalled. The protocol 
problem disappeared. But new one emerged:

I can't install MDAC (I could previously)
the message before dumping to debugger says:
Call from 0x7bb650930 to :  Unimplemented function advpack.dll.IsNTAdmin, 

followed by
Unhandled exception: Unimplemented function advpack.dll.IsNTAdmin called in 
32-b code (0x7bb659f)
James Hawkins

CUIN Kaczy 

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