[Wine] strange looking buttons and graphical glitches

Olaf Leidinger leidola at newcon.de
Fri Sep 9 06:22:35 CDT 2005

Hello everybody,

since a few weeks (after upgrading to later wine versions) I've noticed some graphical glitches in wine. Have a look at the following screenshots:


The for the disabled buttons the bg color and the text color are swapped. 
Then the icons have a black background (but this one is older).

I used the winxp standart theme for the themed version.
Next to regedit and winecfg there is gimp with the winxp standart theme - just to compare.

This screenshot is from the cvs version (just two hours ago).

Does anybody have the same glitches?

This error is driver independant - it's the same for the fglrx and vesa driver.


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