[Wine] "wrong pixel format"

Johan De Groote johan.de.groote at skynet.be
Fri Sep 9 17:32:02 CDT 2005

This error is following me for more than a year now. But I hardly find any 
reference to it.

When I start Solidworks 97 under wine 20050419 it runs, but once I want to 
make a base part (extrude a simple recangle), I get the error message "wrong 
pixel format". Wine has to be killed at that moment. 
- tried with managed vs unmanaged mode for the screen, no difference
- same on gentoo amd64 as on suse 9.2
- same with different pc's with different video cards

Can anyone just explain what this means? And if posible, where to look? 

If you need any more configuration or detail, just ask, I don't know what is 
needed so I'll only post needed details. But it is just a basic install, with 
a standard setup with winesetuptk 0.7.

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