[Wine] Re: Running Pegasus Mail v4.21c under Linux via WINE v20050830 issues

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Sep 14 00:59:38 CDT 2005

Schwartzel wrote:
> I'm running SuSe linux professional v9.3 with wine v20050830. 
> I have created a link to a windows (smb) shared folder containing my 
> shared Pegasus mailbox in 
> ~/.wine/dosdevices/c: folder. The share is created on boot. 
> I installed Pegasus v4.21c using wine /path/to/w32-421c.exe 
> Pegasus is run from a kde shortcut that executes 
> wine winpm-32.exe -Z 128 
> All functions work but there are two issues: 
> 1. When opening a mail from a separate new mail window, 
> the email opens behind the new mail window which must be minimised to 
> see the mail. 

Hmm, I used to use Pegasus, but never got beyond v3.12c. I undestand 
that this problem happens with the Pegasus v4.x series under Windows, too.

Here's a link to a knowledgebase about Pegasus:


And one to the official Pegasus Mail knowledgebase:


> 2. When exiting or closing the Pegasus mail window, the window stops 
> responding, 
> and must be closed with alt F4 or killed. This is not the case when -
> Z 128 is not used, 
> leading me to think that this may be curable somehow. 
> (I have only been using linux for 4 days and wine for 2 days). 

Hmmm, why are you using the "-z 128" flag ("blindload the winsock.dll") 
in the first place? If you can send and receive email without using this 
flag, then you don't need it. It may be causing the problem.

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