[Wine] help with 20050830 - no sample config file in source

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Thu Sep 15 15:35:25 CDT 2005

xyzzy1 at hotpop.com schreef:
> Hi again...
> Can anybody help with my problems?  Am I the only one that doesn't 
> see ~/.wine/config.  It is also missing from the documentation 
> directory of the source.  There is no "samples" subdirectory.
> On Saturday 10 September 2005 23:01, xyzzy1 at hotpop.com wrote:
>> I am having some, what I would consider to be, strange problems 
>> with this release.  Hope someone can clue me in.  Nothing about 
>> this in Bugzilla.
>> Fedora core 4, wine compiled from tarball download.  Did

You don't say which version of Wine you're using, but it's obviously
after 20050625, because that's when the config file disappeared, and was
replaced by winecfg, the Wine configuration utility (run 'winecfg').

You may try to create a per-app default config there (or simply
configure your default settings to what you need). If you need Registry
settings, you could run

wine regedit

to manually add any registry entries you need.


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