[Wine] Windows app complaining that it doesn't have adminstrator privileges

Mark Lisee maema55sd at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 17 17:08:17 CDT 2005

	I have Wine installed on an Ubuntu (Hoary) machine.  I've verified
that Wine works by running a couple of Windows applications.  Lately, I
trying installing a third Windows application by inserting the CD and
following the Windows based directions.  Unfortunately, the only thing
that installer did was display a window saying that it doesn't have
administrator privileges.  (I know the Windows app works since I've
installed it on another machine.)
	My question is: How do I configure Wine so that it tells the installer
that it's running as administrator (or any other user, for that fact)? 
I tried "sudo wine <file>", but that didn't work.


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