[Wine] Re: Error compiling Wine on Mac OS X 10.4

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Sep 19 12:27:51 CDT 2005

Svante Tidholm schreef:
> Please be more specific. Why? The information on 
> http://darwine.opendarwin.org/ tell's me it's possible, if I've 
> understood it correct?
> /Svante

It would appear that you haven't read all of the documentation on the
darwine site, then:

>From the FAQ:

Is the Darwin/Mac OS X release of Wine currently able to run Windows
executable (.exe)? 		

No. We are currently working on integrating an x86 emulator in wine in
order to run Win32 exe on a PowerPC Box. But on Darwin-x86 a Win32 .exe
should run within wine with a limited effort.

>From the User Guide:

Currently Darwine consists in a Mac OS X port of Wine, which includes
Xcode support, and Finder integration. You can download it here.

("here" being http://darwine.opendarwin.org/download.php )

The Darwine project aims to run Windows Application on Mac OS X, in the
near future.

Wine itself does not compile or run on PPC architecture (we'll see what
happens when Apple goes to the Intel architecture). This
is why there's a separate porting project, after all.

>From the Wine FAQ:

What do I need in order to use Wine?

3.1. Under what hardware platform(s) and operating system(s) will
Wine(Lib) run?

Wine is being developed specifically to run on the Intel x86 class of
CPUs under certain UNIXes that run on this platform. Winelib however is
capable of porting the Windows applications source code to other
platforms also, not only x86.

Thus running Windows binaries on other platforms (e.g. Mac OS X on
PowerPC) using just Wine is not possible. You would have to either run
Wine in an emulated x86 environment or take the Windows application
source code and recompile it using Winelib.

These are the platforms supported by Wine. Winelib support for other
platforms keeps evolving, so it's not specifically listed here.


Mac OS X / Darwin: The Darwine is currently working on porting Wine to
the Darwin/x86 platform. Their goal is to eventually make it possible to
run x86 Windows applications on Darwin/PPC and then Mac OS X by using Bochs.

You need to use the Darwine binary, available from the Darwine download
page. Dunno why, since it is apparently not able to run Windows
executables. But I would imagine that if there's more information to be
found as to what Darwine is capable of at this time, the folks on the
darwine-devel mailing list
(http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum=darwine-devel) would
be the people to ask.

Hope this helps.

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