[Wine] World of Warcraft 1.7.X

Michel Weinachter michel.weinachter at sgdn.pm.gouv.fr
Wed Sep 21 03:18:05 CDT 2005


I have a Fedora Core 4 on a AMD-64 with the wine version 20050830

World of Warcraft work (in openGL) with the FC4 i386 without sound and I
have to kill wine when I want quit. The game is quite fast (some problem
when looking fire with smoke).

But with the wame FC4 in x64 architecture I cannot target mobs, nps and
corpses. With cedega 4.4.1 I use :
 ;; App default settings
 ;; World of Warcraft settings
 "MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"
In the config file which corrects the same mouse problem and the sound.
WoW is slower under Cedega but works in openGL and direct3D.

The new wine does not have any config file... and this parameter does
not exist in the source code (and I don't understand he term :-( ).


Michel Weinachter

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