[Wine] Accessing a CD with securom leads to exception

Christoph Schmid chris at schlagmichtod.de
Thu Sep 22 09:59:38 CDT 2005

Hello wineusers, devs and all other people,

i have some sort of strange problem with wine.

I installed Warcraft III and Securom did not work. 
That's why i have to use fixed .exe-files to play without the machine to
complain about the missing CD-ROM.

at first i thought this happens because the wine-version in debian sid
is fairly old. But after compiling a wine from CVS with that "winecvs" -
script, i got a version 20050830.

well, the behavior was exactly the same.

i posted some comments in the APPDB to Warcraft III and Jesse Allen
asked me to do some further investiation and said i should post the
error message here.

Well, every time before the window "please insert disc..." pops up, wine
gives the following error on console:

fixme:ole:ITypeInfo_fnRelease destroy child objects
err:seh:setup_exception nested exception on signal stack in thread 0009
eip 7ffd7ff0 esp 7fe95cfc stack 0x7f900000-0x7fa00000

and then the window pops up.

Jesse meant that should be something worrisome and thats why i should
post it here.

He also said that might be related to GCC4.
The whole Debian SID-tree got switched to GCC4 recently...which caused a
lot of trouble with updates and so on.
although it has gotten much better, that wine-problem might be related.

i hope this will help a bit to get rid of that problem.
Warcraft 3 runs quite well on wine. No real difference to windows.
(at least if you do not have 200 units on the screen simultaneously ;) )

but that sevurom-thing gets annoying because you have to look for an new
fixed .exe after every patch! (1.19 came out 3 days ago...)

so i hope this will get fixed soon :)


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