[Wine] [RE] Accessing a CD with securom leads to exception

Philippe filip at disque-monde.org
Fri Sep 23 03:35:29 CDT 2005

> Hello wineusers, devs and all other people,

> Well, every time before the window "please insert disc..." pops up, wine
> gives the following error on console:
> fixme:ole:ITypeInfo_fnRelease destroy child objects
> err:seh:setup_exception nested exception on signal stack in thread 0009
> eip 7ffd7ff0 esp 7fe95cfc stack 0x7f900000-0x7fa00000
> and then the window pops up.

I've the same error under Debian sid with gcc4

> Jesse meant that should be something worrisome and thats why i should
> post it here.
> He also said that might be related to GCC4.

This is a gcc4-debian-wine  pb.
I've tried last night to compile with CC set to gcc3-3 and it worked 
without problem (if you negligeate the fact that I've forgotten to put 
opengl-dev lib on my system the first time...)


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