[Wine] Default font used by WINEPS

André Carvalho acarvalho at abordo.com.br
Fri Sep 23 19:05:29 CDT 2005

What I meant by WINEPS is the portscript driver that wine uses to print 
I want to change the default font that the postscript driver uses.

I have a program that prints text to a matrix printer, since wine 
generates a graphic postscript of the text, the printer needs a filter 
to print. That is not the problem, everything prints fine, but I need a 
font like courier, that the letter "i" and the letter "M" have the same 
Did you get it ?
Wineps is using something like Helvetica and I lose the format of the 
document. The document is a report that has some tables.
If I get wineps to use the courier font, my problem is over.
Someone knows ?

André Carvalho

Randall Walls wrote:

> I know that Wine by default will use X fonts unless fonts exist in the 
> c://windows//fonts directory, then it will only use the fonts 
> available in that directory. I may be missing something though, I'm 
> not sure what you mean by WINEPS.
> Randall Walls
> André Carvalho wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to know if somebody knows how to change the default font used 
>> by WINEPS.
>> André Carvalho
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