[Wine] font problem

Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Mon Sep 26 21:22:46 CDT 2005

Wine, by default, uses X11 fonts for rendering. In addition, it will 
look at fonts in the c:/windows/fonts directory, and use these in place 
of standard X11 fonts. Last I knew, it could use fonts from either 
location, but not both, meaning that if any fonts exist in 
c:/windows/fonts they will be the only ones used, otherwise X11 fonts 
are used. Solution is to place all of the fonts you need into the 
windows/fonts directory, or better yet, make windows/fonts a symlink to 
your current fonts directory.

ln -s /path/to/fonts /home/me/.wine/c/windows/fonts

Hope that helps. Please someone correct me if this has changed.

Randall Walls

sunaram patir wrote:

>  i use the latest wine pack. i am having problem in recognizing the
>words. illigible fonts are being displayed when i try to open any
>program. please help me out.
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