[Wine] Problem with DllOverrides (Wine 20050725)

Jacques Valot jacquesvalot at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 27 07:39:23 CDT 2005

Wine version used : 20050725 on debian 3.1 system.

I try to use a windows application call cmc.exe (internal use) wrote with 
Visual Basic.
The installation of this application with a windows setup file has done 
without problem.

On the [Software\\Wine\\AppDefaults\\cmc.exe\\DllOverrides] section of the 
user.reg file created by the winecfg command, I have indicated "native" for 
all the dll and ocx files installed in the ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system 
directory by the installation.

Example :
"Comdlg32.ocx" = "native"
"Oleaut32.DLL" = "native"

When I run this application with WINEDEBUG=+loaddll, I can see that these 2 
dll are always indicated buitin and I suppose that my files ar not used :
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded module 
L"c:\\windows\\system\\oleaut32.dll" : builtin
trace:loaddll:load_builtin_dll Loaded module 
L"c:\\windows\\system\\comdlg32.dll" : builtin

I can't use this application.
Does anyone has a explanation

Thank you,

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