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Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Tue Sep 27 20:23:59 CDT 2005

Just to expand on what others have wrote.

The wine config file, unless I am mistaken, is now totally defunct. Even 
if you create one I don't believe that wine is even reading from it 
anymore. Yes, the winecfg utility does edit the sudo windows registry 
that wine creates, but this is no more dangerous than any of the native 
windows configuration utilities. Almost all config info in a true 
windows install is stored in the reg anyway. Manually editing the 
registry is still not suggested, although regedit.exe can run under wine 
and will allow you to edit the wine registry.

As for network support, wine fully supports the TCP/IP protocol, and 
most apps that need it can use it under wine, provided wine supports the 
app in question.

As for apps that include their own dlls, yes, wine can use these, for 
the most part. The application most likely installs the dll(s) into 

Welcome to the wine community.

Randall Walls

Pablo Giménez wrote:

> Hi all, i'm a new user of wine and i have some doubts.
> First i'm using wine with gentoo.
> I read in the wine web some info about the config file that wine uses, 
> but in the gentoo ebuild no sample file is installed, or i haven't 
> found it.
> Even more it seems that the winecfg application is used to configure 
> wine, but it seems to not be finished and uses the registry files in 
> ~/.wine to store the configuration settings, it's a pain to touch any 
> registry file, is there any way to use the config file that is 
> described in the docs?
> Where can i get a sample file ?
> I need wine to run a windows application that use tcp/ip, is the 
> network layer implemented in wine, so this emulated application can 
> connect with for example another linu native application that use 
> tcp/ip too?
> Another doubt, if my windows application uses their own dll, appart 
> from the standar windows dll, there is a way to ensure that the 
> application can found this dlls?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Un saludo
> Best Regards
> Pablo Giménez
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