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Pablo Giménez pablogipi at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 05:16:27 CDT 2005

Hi Randall and all the people that have answered.
Well definitely i have to configure wine through the register.
Now my problem is what values i have to use to configure the different keys,
there isn't help about it.
What i'm looking for is a doc that explains the same things that one could
do with the old config file but now using register keys.
How can i configure the drives in wine, i have seen thtat create a drives
directory, i only need to mount, or to point a location that mounts, my
windows drives?
It is recommended to use the windows redistry instead of the wine registry,
how can i do it?
the dlls i refered before aren't in c:\windows\system, they are in the
application directory so i have to say to wine to looks in it too i think.
And the last, how i can configure the "emulated system enviroment
variables", i use some environment variables in windows, so i want to get
them in my emulated wine session too.

On 9/28/05, Randall Walls <rwalls at gwi.net> wrote:
> Just to expand on what others have wrote.
> The wine config file, unless I am mistaken, is now totally defunct. Even
> if you create one I don't believe that wine is even reading from it
> anymore. Yes, the winecfg utility does edit the sudo windows registry
> that wine creates, but this is no more dangerous than any of the native
> windows configuration utilities. Almost all config info in a true
> windows install is stored in the reg anyway. Manually editing the
> registry is still not suggested, although regedit.exe can run under wine
> and will allow you to edit the wine registry.
> As for network support, wine fully supports the TCP/IP protocol, and
> most apps that need it can use it under wine, provided wine supports the
> app in question.
> As for apps that include their own dlls, yes, wine can use these, for
> the most part. The application most likely installs the dll(s) into
> c:/windows/system.
> Welcome to the wine community.
> Randall Walls
> Pablo Giménez wrote:
> > Hi all, i'm a new user of wine and i have some doubts.
> > First i'm using wine with gentoo.
> > I read in the wine web some info about the config file that wine uses,
> > but in the gentoo ebuild no sample file is installed, or i haven't
> > found it.
> > Even more it seems that the winecfg application is used to configure
> > wine, but it seems to not be finished and uses the registry files in
> > ~/.wine to store the configuration settings, it's a pain to touch any
> > registry file, is there any way to use the config file that is
> > described in the docs?
> > Where can i get a sample file ?
> > I need wine to run a windows application that use tcp/ip, is the
> > network layer implemented in wine, so this emulated application can
> > connect with for example another linu native application that use
> > tcp/ip too?
> > Another doubt, if my windows application uses their own dll, appart
> > from the standar windows dll, there is a way to ensure that the
> > application can found this dlls?
> >
> > Thanks
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