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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Wed Sep 28 05:45:28 CDT 2005

Le mercredi 28 septembre 2005 à 12:16 +0200, Pablo Giménez a écrit :
> Hi Randall and all the people that have answered.
> Well definitely i have to configure wine through the register.
> Now my problem is what values i have to use to configure the different
> keys, there isn't help about it.
> What i'm looking for is a doc that explains the same things that one
> could do with the old config file but now using register keys.
> How can i configure the drives in wine, i have seen thtat create a
> drives directory, i only need to mount, or to point a location that
> mounts, my windows drives?

Use winecfg, the drive tab will do everything for you.

> It is recommended to use the windows redistry instead of the wine
> registry, how can i do it?

Windows registry is not spported anymore

> the dlls i refered before aren't in c:\windows\system, they are in the
> application directory so i have to say to wine to looks in it too i
> think.

Wine will look into it without any modification (dlls are looked in the
current directory, the executable directory and windows/system).

> And the last, how i can configure the "emulated system enviroment
> variables", i use some environment variables in windows, so i want to
> get them in my emulated wine session too.

I'm not sure for this one, but I think you can use normal linux
variables and your program will be able to get the values (use setenv or

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