[Wine] WINEDEBUG variable doesn't seem to work in 20050830

John R Larsen theClaw56 at larsen-family.us
Thu Sep 29 20:09:02 CDT 2005

Is there a problem with the WINEDEBUG environment variable in 20050830?  I've only been using Wine 
for a little over a week.  I recognize that the online documentation is somewhat out of date with the 
introduction of the winecfg tool and use of the registry.  I know that the WINEDLLOVERRIDES variable 
still works as I've been able to use that to use native libraries to get Pegasus working.  

I wanted to see what DLLs Pegasus uses so I did this in my shell:

export WINEDEBUG=+loaddll

I then used wine to start Pegasus in the same shell.  I expected to see a list of the DLLs that got loaded, 
but nothing came out.  I used winedebug to start the program and then used the "info share" command to 
see what was loaded.  In that way I was able to figure out what native libraries to try.

So, am I doing something wrong?  It seems very straight forward in the docs.



John R Larsen <theClaw56 at larsen-family.us>

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