[Wine] Re: WINEDEBUG variable doesn't seem to work in 20050830

John R Larsen theClaw56 at larsen-family.us
Fri Sep 30 09:38:08 CDT 2005

That was indeed the problem.  I'm somewhat new to the gentoo portage system also.  I needed to add 
"debug" to the USE variable in /etc/make.conf and rebuild Wine.  Once I did that then the expected 
debug information came out.

Thanks for the help,


On 30 Sep 2005 at 12:58, Rein Klazes wrote:

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Subject:        	Re: WINEDEBUG variable doesn't seem to work in 20050830
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On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 21:09:02 -0400, in gmane.comp.emulators.wine.user
you wrote:

>I wanted to see what DLLs Pegasus uses so I did this in my shell:
>export WINEDEBUG=+loaddll
>I then used wine to start Pegasus in the same shell.  I expected to see a list of the DLLs that got 

You should have. Install a wine package that was not compiled excluding
debug messages or compile wine yourself.

John R Larsen <theClaw56 at larsen-family.us>

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