[Wine] Re: I need a program to work under Wine...

Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 19:14:02 CDT 2005

On 9/30/05, Linux <linux at pierluigiadami.it> wrote:
> [My program installs, but crashes immediately on startup.]
> ... it is the most expensive
> Italian dictionary on the market (Grande Dizionario Italiano dell'Uso -
> gdu), 7 volumes + CD. It is a my wife's present...
> You may find some information on it (in Italian) at
> http://cultura.utet.it/cultura/catalogo/details.jsp?id=633&s=17
> [ wine --version says] Wine 20050725

Thanks for the info.

I'm a Wine developer, of sorts, and I'm not very good at helping
non-developers, so please forgive me if the following advice isn't
a good fit.

Your version of wine is two months old;
it's possible the bug has already been fixed.  You might
want to consider testing your app with the latest version of wine.
If ubuntu doesn't have version 20050930, you can build
wine from source if you're just a tiny bit brave.
See http://www.kegel.com/wine/qa/#getting.started
for instructions on how to build wine from source.

If that still crashes, you might want to try generating a log file
for the wine developers to look at.
describes how.  For instance,
  WINEDEBUG=+all wine gdu.exe > log.txt 2>&1
The file log.txt may be quite large.  If so, compress it with zip.
Post a note to the wine-devel mailing list once you have
that log file, offering to email it to any developer who has time to look.

Good luck!

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