[Wine] getwinegit.sh 0.32 released!

Christian Lachner gladiac.lists at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 15:17:00 CST 2006

One more Version! It's time to test this script until it is one of the
last versions. I don't want to spend more time into this so I desided
to soonly quit this project. Here the Changes since 0.31:

0.32	No Changes to Functitonality, but cool stuff :)
	- Better Trap-handling
	- Nicer Sleeper-function (I love it)
	- No output to the shell but only the ones by getwinegit.sh
	  blackbox? no, everything's in the logfile
	- Some Fixes we all don't want to miss but I don't remeber ;)... again

This release should be stable, but I want it to be tested. Tell me, if
it is useful to you guys or made problems. Mail to the mailinglist if
you have questions or found bugs or want something to be added.

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