[Wine] setting up lotus notes 7

Jörn Rink j.rink at freenet.de
Wed Apr 5 01:49:37 CDT 2006

Am Wed, 29 Mar 2006 09:02:54 +0200
hat Bram Mertens <bram.mertens at sofico.be> (Bram Mertens) folgendes

> Hi
> http://vowe.net/archives/004104.html
> 1. Install the latest wine from www.winehq.com (or emerge wine,
> apt-get wine or whatever).
> 2. Install Notes 6.51 under Windows.
> 3. Copy the Lotus/Notes directory to ~/.wine/fake_windows/program
> files/lotus/notes.
> 4. Copy mfc42.dll and msvcp60.dll from Windows to

you should have to copy mfc42u and usp10.dll and, as mentioned in a
popular computer magazin here in germany, msvcrt.dll. For me notes
works without the last one.

After copying to the system folder, you have to setup winecfg for
lnotes.exe and notes.exe to use this libs native.

After that, change W98 to lnotes and notes.exe. Remember, when building
wine on your own, to install cups-devel and cups for printing before
you compile it!!

With such a setting i was able to start notes, print via notes, open
and save attachements via notes and write mails with attachements with
notes here since with Fedora Core 4 and 5.

Also word documents aren't a problem for my notes. But sometimes it
crashes, when i click on a linked excel datasheed. But that is no
problem for me ;-)

By the way, yesterday i tied to start notes 7 without a succes.
How can i setup the debug mode in wine 0.9.11? With winecfg??

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