[Wine] Wine and AMD 64 in Suse 9.3

PABLO MARTINEZ-LEGAZPI AGUILO pmartine at ing.uc3m.es
Thu Apr 6 05:00:53 CDT 2006

I have to use a comercial Windows software in my work, called Cosilab.
Last two months I was using Debian and wine 0.9.1 and everything went 
perfect. The
Program works fine under wine and I haven't got any problems.

Now I've updated my computer to an AMD64 with 2Ghz Processor and I do 
not know if the
problem with wine is caused by the 64 bits processor or why...

I try to run the windows software and wine gives me an error :
fixme:ver:VERSION_GetLinkedDllVersion Unknown EXE OS version 4.0, 
please report !!
and a Pop-up windows that says: "The loader could not find the Windows 

When I try to config wine, using winecfg, it says me in other pop-up 
that " The winecfg tool is not yet complete, and does not actually 
alter your computer" and send me to the config file in ./wine, in wich 
eveything appears good.

My wine version is 20050211

I really do not know how to fix this..

Can anyone help me?

Pablo Martinez-Legazpi Aguiló

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